I hope you enjoy this small selection of my work. From time to time I’ll add new material, so check back whenever the urge strikes you. Happy reading!

August 11, 2019: Click here to read “How We Live Now” and “As the Old Leaves Fall” in Mezzo Cammin.

July 16, 2019: Click here to read “Still Life with Onions” in The Ekphrastic Review.

July 1, 2019: Two of my poems, “Enturtled” and “By the Canal Across the Street,” can be read in Issue 2 of The Tiger Moth Review.  To download a pdf of the issue, click here. To visit The Tiger Moth Review’s website, click here.

Here’s a summer haiku (published in Haiku Journal, 2017):

another summer
early mornings and late nights
half my life is gone



  • Silhouette
  • Imprinting
  • The Music of It All
  • Middle-Aged at the Millennium
  • I Remember Norman Mailer
  • The Powers of Twelve
  • Earthperson’s Lament
  • Sunbathing
  • Ghazal of the Unyoung Woman
  • After the News
  • On Beyond Petrarch
  • Power Trip

Short Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction

  • “The Community Chorus” — A personal essay excerpted and revised from an unpublished novel manuscript, BUFFALO BRAIN, a counter-cultural coming-of-age story set in the relatively sane 1960s, long before anyone could have imagined “President Trump.”
  • “Cold War”A personal essay based on my experiences living in Debrecen, Hungary, in 1988, when the Soviet Union still existed and its troops were still stationed there.

My poetry chapbook, To-wit To-woo is available from Foothills Publishing.

To hear some original music by my muse, click here.

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